What People Say

Our Group’s listing successfully transferred to the Main Board of HKEX this year with the help of Financial Asia. Throughout the planning and preparation process, the professional team was always ready to help. We were able to test out and refine a lot of ideas to birth the best possible outcome.

Suki Wu, CEO, Goal Forward Holdings Limited

The nicely articulated listing souvenir and the eye-catching video, both produced by Financial Asia, were the highlights of our listing ceremony, while the professional MC and event backdrops provided by them added extra happiness to our celebration dinner.

Huakang Biomedical Holdings Company Limited

We were listed on HKEX on the last day of 2018, which turned out to be one of the most important and joyful day in the history of our Group. It would not have been possible without the dedicated work of Financial Asia team. They delivered the best results we could expect.

Yield Go Holdings Ltd.

We had a very successful and memorable listing thanks to all our professional parties including Financial Asia, who guided us through the last month of the IPO process. They are the true professionals in the industry, yet still have 100% passion and care about each of their clients.

Marcus Lam, Executive Director, Perennial Energy Holdings Limited

Financial Asia team provided us very memorable IPO celebration events and very effective media coverage. We are impressed by their work and kept this partnership after we are successfully listed on the stock exchange. They are our media relations and investors relations consultant and representatives now. We trust them in handling the tasks that they are the best at.

Alan Leung, CFO, Hang Yick Holdings Company Limited

Whenever we ask Financial Asia for suggestions on design or media strategy, they never fail us and they can always come up with lots of brilliant ideas. During our cooperation, they showed us their passion, professionalism and dedication, which makes them trustworthy. It is just so great to work with them, a group of aspiring PR professionals. We will always look forward to taking advice from them.


Financial Asia is a reliable and professional PR team and their suggestions on our marketing plan are not only practical but also super creative. We are extremely impressed by their team spirit and strong sense of responsibility in tailor-making the most suitable PR strategies for us. Therefore, we trust them from the bottom of our heart and we believe our future cooperation can be even more inspiring.

Hong Kong Chien Cao Tong Medical Ltd.

At first, we had our doubts: how would a financial PR firm help an NGO? Will they be open-minded enough? But Financial Asia team proved themselves with the work they’ve done. The newsletters they wrote were loved by our directors, the promotional materials they designed were highlights of our events, and the time and effort they took to assist in our activities were very well appreciated. We love our partnership with them and highly recommend them to other NGOs and companies.

Mauricio Lozano, President, The Mexican Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

As a company with strong sense of social responsibilities, we prefer working with teams alike. Financial Asia cares about not only their profession, but also the globe, the country, and the society. Their directors are regularly involved in volunteering work, and their working style is very environmentally considerable. Therefore, we trust them in drafting our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report. Other than merely drafting a report, they also offer opportunities for us to improve our community involvement. We are partners at business and friends at life.

Jack Siu, CFO, Moody Technology Holdings Limited

During the cooperation with Financial Asia, a responsible and innovative PR team, we have received a wealth of constructive suggestions and the results are proved to be quite fruitful. We truly appreciate their brilliant ideas and hard work in planning PR strategies and we always find them quite patient and helpful whenever there is a need for any amendment. Besides, they are also a group of professionals with remarkable insights and great enthusiasm for their work. We just can’t wait to see what they can bring us in our future cooperation!

Cyrus Leung, CFO, Dragon Rise Group Holdings Limited

Financial Asia team is not only professional and knowledgeable, but also very fun to work with. As soon as they sit down in a conference room, they immediately bring out ideas on how to improve something. As soon as they return to their office, they execute. We love working with them. The communication is smooth, the results are superb!

Barry Cheung, CFO, Wai Chi Holdings Company Limited

Financial Asia is one of the rare companies in this industry that care about your PR needs as much as you do, if not even more. We are happy to have made the decision to hire them as our PR consultant. This year, they made a corporate video for us. We were very impressed at how they take the time to visit our plants, make suggestions on site arrangements, provide detailed proposals and never get tired of making amendments till perfection. The outcome was amazing, of course.

Donald Mak, China Putian Food Holding Limited